Thrift OS Point of Sale... Simplified!
Thrift OS Point of Sale Suite



Point of Sale... Simplified!

Thrift OS Cashier is the ONLY point of sale software designed EXCLUSIVELY for Thrift Stores.

Our goal was to create a software designed for the Thrift industry.  Not a general retail software modified to try and work with the Thrift industry.


We have collaborated with several owners of Thrift Stores around the country to nail down exactly what was needed and then we executed.


Thrift OS Cashier is packed full of features:


  • Voids/Overrings
  • Encrypted PIN Protected Entry/Incorrect PIN Lockout
  • Drop Light Indicator
  • Manual Discounts
  • Manual Tax Exemption
  • Remove Discounts or Tax Exemptions
  • Refunds (Cash, Credit or Store Value)
  • Cash, Credit, Debit, Giftcard, GiftCertificate, eGift
  • Signature Capture and Encrypted Storage
  • Opening and Closing Tolerances
  • SKU's
  • Barcode Scanning (UPC-A, CODE 128, PDF 417, QR and many more)
  • Detailed Sales Receipts
  • Line Item Display
  • Shift Moves
  • Simultaneous Shifts
  • Money Drops
  • Tag Category/Color Display
  • Quick Tender Buttons
  • Manual (One Touch) Entry
  • Tag Color, Department, SubDepartment or VIP Discounts (One Time or Recurring)
  • Store Value (Gift) Cards
  • VIP (Customer Loyalty) Cards
  • Incoming, Payouts
  • Receipt Queue/Receipt Copies
  • Manual Price Entry
  • Coupons
  • No Sales


Thrift OS has teamed up with one of the largest Payment Processors in the nation.  Heartland Payment Systems.  We also teamed up with one of the fastest growing suppliers of Signature Pads.  Equinox.


Together, we have designed our credit card processing to be the most secure and efficient that is possible.


Thrift OS payment processing is an End-to-End encrypted system that utilizes Heartland's Portico Payment Gateway.  So, from the moment your customer swipes  their card, it is immediately encrypted, and sent directly to Heartland.  From there, it is decrypted, processed, and the information is sent back to Thrift OS in an encrypted format.  The most secure process available.


Thrift OS is also PA-DSS compliant.  We worked extra hard to do so to help your company remain PCI Compliant.


Thrift OS payment processing also offers Apple Pay.  This is a standard feature.


EMV?  Don't worry.  We are also EMV ready.


So, if you are worried about payment security, look no further.  Thrift OS has it!

Production Software

Thrift OS Production is a must have for Thrift stores!


Thrift OS Production was designed to bring to Thrift stores something they have never truly had before. A way to efficiently track Production, and report on the progress, sales, and performance of their staff.


Thrift OS Production's features include:


  • Configure Access to Log Into Multiple Departments
  • Access Sub-departments, Preset Prices and Sizes
  • Voids
  • Markdowns
  • Ragging
  • Item Tracking
  • Holdbacks
  • Storage
  • Dual Printers (Sticky, Paper or Storage)
  • Encrypted PIN Entry
  • PPH (Pieces Per Hour)
  • Total Priced
  • Instant Scanning
  • Set Colors


Detailed Reporting

Customer Loyalty


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